Donald Trump: Happy New Year to the 'Haters' and the 'Fake News Media'

Trump ushers in 2019 saying 'calm down and enjoy the ride,' amid new year challenges

President Trump ushered in 2019 in characteristic fashion -- with a tweet expressing supreme confidence in himself, contempt for the "fake news media" and optimism for the country. The famously teetotaling commander-in-chief proved he wasn't nursing a New Year's hangover with the early morning missive, his second of the freshly-minted year.
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HERE WE GO: Trump's First Tweet Of 2019 Was A Doozy

It's no secret that President Trump loves using Twitter to get his message across. The media has despised his use of the platform, and they're probably not going to be with his first tweet of the New Year. In an all-caps tweet, Trump trashed the "haters", the "fake news media", and took a jab at those suffering from "Trump derangement syndrome".
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Donald Trump: Happy New Year to the 'Haters' and the 'Fake News Media' 

"HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE, INCLUDING THE HATERS AND THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA!" he wrote. The president promised great things ahead in 2019, despite Democrats taking power in the House of Representatives. "2019 WILL BE A FANTASTIC YEAR FOR THOSE NOT SUFFERING FROM TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME," he wrote.
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