Cartel member testifies against 'El Chapo' at US trial

Matt Gaetz: Broward County Refused GOP Court Orders to Inspect Elections HQ -- While They Allowed Democrats Inside (VIDEO)

Lindsey Graham on Florida recount, Mueller probe

Liberal Democrats set their sights on gun control

ICYMI: Avenatti reportedly arrested for domestic violence

ICYMI: Migrant caravan groups begin arriving at US border

ICYMI: Trump announces support for First Step Act

Tucker: Left doesn't want you to believe your own eyes

Marco Rubio defends 'American Nationalism'

Navy to Commission Littoral Combat Ship Sioux City

B-24 pilot's remains identified and repatriated after 73 years

Tricare Prime or Tricare Select? Here's why it's more important now to choose carefully

Jim Jordan's defeat still foreshadows trouble for Kevin McCarthy

Since ELECTION DAY Democrats Snatch a Dozen US House Seats -- And Now Suddenly Lead in 7 of 10 Undecided Races

DOJ says Matt Whitaker can serve as acting attorney general

More troops sent to border as caravan approaches

Media hypes rumors of post-midterms White House shakeup

Rep. Jim Jordan makes final pitch for House minority leader

Tom Homan reacts to rumors Trump will tap him for DHS chief

Will Mueller be satisfied with written answers from Trump?

Sen. Mike Lee on Democrats' objections to Matt Whitaker

FL GOP Candidate Matt Caldwell: Impossible for more that 30,000 votes to...

Dershowitz: Dem 'Radicals' Will Push to Impeach Trump

Rubio: 'I Have a Problem...With Lawyers Trying to Steal an Election'

Our Press And Our Educators Aligning Against America... Again

Podcast: What You Need to Know About Florida Recount, Georgia Vote Tallying

Cuomo tries to help Brenda Snipes redeem herself with a CNN interview. He didn't expect her to make it worse!

NeverTrump's Billionaire Leftist BenefactorsNeverTrump's Billionaire Leftist Benefactors

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but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

then we will be weak and we will not survive.

If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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