Kangaroo Court - Christine Ford's Attorney Agrees to Testimony(?) - Michael Bromwich Joins Ford Legal Team...

Hillary Clinton (Naturally) Wants to Abolish the Electoral College

What Is Taking Place is an Attempt at Regime Change by the Left

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#MeToo Hypocrisy: Dems and media look other way as Keith Ellison say his accuser fabricated claims

Democrat Keith Ellison Is Everything Dems Accuse Kavanaugh of Being

When Every Boy is Guilty, Every Girl Becomes A Monster

Kavanaugh: Tried by Innuendo, Guilty by Media

Katz, Attorney for Kavanaugh Accuser, Is The Resistance

Accusation Against Kavanaugh Is Exactly Why Men Should Be Leery of #MeToo Movement

Resisting #TheResistance

Donald Trump Promises He Will 'Get Rid Of Lingering Stench' At Justice Department

Assange: The Generation Being Born Now Is The Last To Be Free

Hannity Warns Trump Not To Fire Rosenstein After Explosive New York Times Story

The Tired Line of White Privilege

Keith Ellison pounded about abuse at debate. Watch him blame accusers, say women can make things up!

Democrats have abandoned the presumption of innocence

As Their Coup d'etat Begins to Unravel - Deep State Participants Open Fire on Each Other

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"We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons of anywhere on Earth,

but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

then we will be weak and we will not survive.

If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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