Meadows: Demands AG Sessions Investigate Bruce Ohr's Role with FBI

Jake Tapper: Kavanaugh Hasn't Given Democrats Reason Not to Vote for Him

Sen Harris whines about protesters being labeled 'hysterical' as MSNBC runs clip of screaming crowd acting, well ...

The Most Compelling Case For Kavanaugh Made By Hillary, Obama Supporter

WATCH: Kavanaugh Blasts Democrats After They Say He Doesn't Care About School Shooting Victims

Obama Threatens To Cancel Taxpayer-Funded Speech In Denmark If His Contract Is Released To The Public

UNREAL: Feinstein Admits Coordinating With Parkland Father Before He Confronted Kavanaugh

President Trump May Declassify the 20 FISA Docs Congress Wants

Lindsey Graham Predicts at Least Four Red State Democrats Back Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

JUDICIAL WATCH: New FBI Records Reveal Peter Strzok Authored Initial Draft of Comey Letter to Congress About Weiner Laptop

CBP Arrests 9 Illegal Alien Gang Members -- MS-13, 18th Street Gang

Watch Live: Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing | Day 2

Sanders: Kavanaugh hearing an embarrassment for Democrats

Exposed - Creator of QAnon Speaks for the First Time

Sen. Ted Cruz on how the Kavanaugh hearings will play out

NBC's Chuck Todd declares war on Fox News, conservatives

Ingraham: The party of stunts strikes again

Chuck Todd Badly Undermines Himself

Why I Directed Gosnell

Trump Title IX Regs Accused Of 'Making Campuses Safer' For Rape

5 Takeaways From The Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS Hearing Circus

Grassley to Dems: 'You Guys Have Been Very Successful Today in Running the Committee'

Lindsey Graham to Dems: 'If you want to pick judges ... win an election'

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but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

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If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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