Parkland sheriff faces no confidence vote

LI top cop: We will not be intimidated by MS-13

Parkland student: I was questioned for gun range visit

Tucker to GOP: Focus on radical Dems, not retired Hillary

Marc Thiessen on decertifying the Iran nuclear agreement

Mo Elliethee on Pelosi, Democrat's House leadership crisis

Migrant caravan arrives at US-Mexico border

Democrats differ on whether to run on Trump's impeachment

Gutfeld on Trump's foreign policy wins

Kurtz: The perils of poorly vetting nominees

FBI interviewed Manafort before he joined Trump campaign

Gregg Jarrett’s new book explains Russia investigation, Clinton scandal

Kellyanne Conway: Iran deal is moving in Trump’s direction

Bernie Sanders is the angel of economic death: Kennedy

Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to guarantee a job for all Americans

Bernie Sanders' jobs program a vote-buying operation?

Concerns of bias at the top of the FBI, DOJ

Pelosi misled American voters about tax relief: Rep. Brady

Sens. Rubio, Scott on finding a way out of the Iran deal

President Trump: Nuclear deal with Iran is terrible

Iran promises 'severe consequences' if Trump ends deal

Kanye West professes 'love' for Trump, criticizes Obama

JW: Was Comey Given a Free Pass by DOJ to Publish New Book?

Tom Fitton Reacts to Comey Memos: 'James Comey is Now in the Same Boat a...

Candace Owens reacts to praise from Kanye West

Scaramucci on the power of Trump's presidency

Daily Caller Editor on the Imran Awan and Debbie Wasserman Schultz Scandal

Nunes claim sparks new questions about anti-Trump dossier

Sen. Rounds on road ahead for Pompeo, Jackson nominations

Mike Huckabee on why Americans should care about Alfie Evans

Hannity: Devin Nunes drops bombshell on Russia probe

Candace Owens on left's attempts to silence conservatives

Ingraham: Trump vs. the GOP again

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"We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons of anywhere on Earth,

but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

then we will be weak and we will not survive.

If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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