Comey, Lynch have ruined the FBI’s reputation: Kennedy

Did FBI go too far in raiding Trump’s lawyer?

Did Trump ‘takeover’ the GOP?

FBI raid of Trump lawyer was an embarrassment to the DOJ: Joe diGenova

Trump has to save the DOJ, FBI from themselves: Judicial Watch president

Trump calls FBI raid of lawyer’s office a ‘disgrace’

Why the FBI was allowed to raid the home of Trump’s lawyer

Should Trump take military action in Syria?

Gorka and Hoffman on US options in Syria

Alan Dershowitz on FBI raid on Michael Cohen's office

Hannity: Explosive new chapter in Mueller's witch hunt

Tucker: Would war against Assad make US safer?

Sean Spicer: Cohen raid and Trump reaction raise the stakes

Will Trump authorize a retaliation against the Assad regime?

Sen. Thune previews Zuckerberg's congressional testimony

Trump calls FBI raid on Michael Cohen's office a 'disgrace'

White House: All options are on the table for Syria response

FBI raids office of longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen

Media is making too much of a big a deal of tariffs: Ben Stein

We are in the midst of a trade war: Bart Chilton

Trump's support from farmers at risk because of tariffs

DOJ turns over 3,600 pages of docs to House investigators

Facebook: Facts and statistics

Rep. Lee Zeldin: Assad can’t be replaced by another Assad

US official: North Korea ready to discuss denuclearization

Rep. Thornberry: Syria is a cauldron of security concerns

Breitbart News Town Hall -- Big Tech vs. Free Speech

JW Exposes Tax Money to Soros--Mueller's "Get Trump" Effort OUT OF CONTR...

US is delivering freedom in the world, not just gas: Rick Perry

Malkin: Hope we'll get the truth about the tarmac tryst

Dan Bongino: Lynch, Comey should be talking to a lawyer

Diamond & Silk accuse Facebook of censorship

Lieberman: Trump, country will be well served by Bolton

Rep. Gowdy calls out DOJ for allegedly stonewalling FBI investigation

What should be expected from Loretta Lynch's interview

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Assad is a legitimate war criminal

How should US respond to horrific chemical attack in Syria?

Trump threatens Assad, calls out Putin and slams Obama

Syria, Russia blame Israel for airstrikes

UN Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Syria

The state of the GOP

State Department: Assad regime must be held accountable

Will apparent Syria gas attack lead to US military response?

Facebook user data could be stored in Russia according to wh

How will John Bolton help President Trump deal with issues like Syria?

US attorney’s role in FBI, DOJ probe is now being questioned

Russia, Iran's role in Syria

Syria crisis increasing tensions between US, Russia?

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"We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons of anywhere on Earth,

but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

then we will be weak and we will not survive.

If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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