Trump looks to cut massive spending bill

Ryan, McConnell refuse to secure the border: Dobbs

When should the US pull out of Syria?

Trump looks to send National Guard troops to US-Mexico border

Netflix is now hiring people to binge-watch content

Market volatility will continue until Trump makes a deal with China: Bri...

Legalized marijuana could help offset opioid epidemic: Study

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Big Tech has a gun control hypocrisy problem

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Former US ambassador to Mexico talks NAFTA negotiations

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'Zombie' raccoons are terrifying Ohio residents

Republican leaders sound alarm over 2018 midterms

Paul Vallely Discusses American Presence in Syria & More

Rev. Jesse Jackson on Martin Luther King Jr's Legacy

Would President Trump's base support paying for border wall?

Cops: YouTube suspect visited local gun range before attack

Jaw-dropping discovery: Soldier’s diary retells WWI horrors

Baby poses in her late father's military uniform

ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ revival continues to draw viewers, ratings soar

YouTube shooting: Who is Nasim Aghdam?

Attack on Israeli naval forces stopped off coast of Gaza

JW 60 Seconds: How YOUR Tax Dollars are Being Used by George Soros

THIS is the meaning of a "well regulated militia:"

Donna Brazile on Hillary Clinton slamming Trump

Donna Brazile: My generation benefited from the work of Dr. King

Growing concerns among parents, teachers over the Juuling epidemic

Donna Brazile on the tariff retaliation from China

Mexico can be a partner in border security: John Negroponte

Hillary Clinton is constantly demeaning Americans: Katrina Pierson

How California’s sanctuary law makes citizens less safe

Senate is too gutless to take vote on Trump wall: Rep. Gaetz

Remembering MLK’s final speech in Memphis

Can marijuana help fight the opioid epidemic?

More California cities vote to fight state's sanctuary laws

YouTube shooting suspect identified by local stations

Texas AG 'open' to National Guard on Mexican border

Should Trump make good on campaign promise in Syria?

Government memo shows Manafort was early target for Mueller

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"We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons of anywhere on Earth,

but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

then we will be weak and we will not survive.

If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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