Levin, Watters Talk Special Counsel

Trump blames Democrats for 'dead' DACA deal

Gutfeld on the infamous Sinclair mission statement

Caravan of Central Americans is bound for the US border

Trump calls out Democrats, declares that DACA is 'dead'

Mexican ambassador to US discusses 'caravan' of immigrants

Students Stage Pro-Gun Walkout in Florida: ‘Second Amendment Will Not Be...

Princeton Policy Advisors President, Steven Kopits on the Border Barrier...

'America First Policies' Advisor, Alex Titus, on Nuclear N Korea & China

OIR Spokesman: U.S. Forces in Iraq, Syria to Continue War on ISIS

PART 1 -- FBI Whistleblower Says Andrew McCabe Retaliated for Her FBI Co...

PART 2 -- FBI Whistleblower Says Her Ties to Flynn May Have Made Him a T...

China pushes back against Trump’s tariffs

Cloudflare launches free privacy-focused DNS service

Trump calls on Mexico to do more on illegal immigration

New showdown over immigration amid a Trump tweetstorm

Interior Secy Zinke accused of not caring about diversity

Kurtz: Why Dreamers deal has hit a wall

Watch: SpaceX Falcon 9 launch

Could Trump-Kim talks bring Korean War US MIAs home?

Pregnant woman kicked off Disney cruise by armed guard

US, South Korea kick off annual joint military exercises

Rivera: DACA, border wall should be considered one issue

Trump on DACA: Democrats have really let them down

Dennis Prager on using reason to explain the Bible

President Trump and the First Lady Host the White House Easter Egg Roll

Migrant 'caravans:' The ball is in Democrats' court, Varney

Mexico is not our friend: Rep. Gohmert

Democrats aren't serious about a deal on DACA: Raj Shah

‘Caravans’ and refugees: What to know

Dangerous trend: ‘The condom snorting challenge’

Facebook vs. Apple: A war of words between tech titans

Keane: If we pull troops out of Syria ISIS will re-emerge

Is it time for black voters to hold Democrats accountable?

Dan Bongino: You can't have a country without borders

What is behind the wave of Taliban attacks?

Trump tweets 'DACA is dead'

LifeZette Headlines 04-02-2018

Tom Fitton: Justice Department IG FISA Probe Necessary But Not Sufficient

JW: Netflix, Obama Corruption & Susan Rice, Sessions Says NO on Special ...

JW: Did Susan Rice Cover for Obama Gang over Trump/Russia Collusion Inve...

Laura Ingraham vs. David Hogg

Study: Only 10% of D.C. ‘March for Our Lives’ Protesters Were Teenagers

House leadership cover up in the IT worker scandal?

Rep. DeSantis on trade: China can't play by a different set of rules

Trump announces U.S. will be coming out of Syria soon

Opportunities for investors in tech stocks?

Do the Democrats have a 2018 platform problem?

Russia prepares to expel more than 50 British workers

Chinese raises tariffs on 128 US products

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"We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons of anywhere on Earth,

but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

then we will be weak and we will not survive.

If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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