Concerns GOP’s hold on the House is in doubt despite economic tailwind

Improving safety at schools across America

Nothing more important than protecting our children: Trump

Efforts to secure America's schools

Hypocrisy in California lawsuits against big oil?

'CRUMBS Act' is a swipe at the DC liberal political elite: Rep. Rokita

Are armed teachers a deterrent?

U.S. soldiers to get major night vision upgrade

Hillary’s WORST NIGHTMARE Now Coming True Over Who She Hired To Do Her D...

CNN Rushes to DEFEND OBAMA Seconds After Trump EXPOSES the Truth of Libs...

Nancy Pelosi PUT TO SHAME the Second the New York Times Dropped the Numb...

San Francisco is So FULL OF SH!T You’ll PUKE Learning How Much They Spen...

Boothe, Harf debate Russian interference in 2016 election

Dramatic rescue: Police catch falling child from third floor

NY attorney general accusing pro-life activists of violence

North Korea hard-line general to attend Olympics closing ceremony

Can Republicans get the momentum they need for the midterms?

25 hurt in ferry explosion 'fireball' in Mexico

Less health insurance for lower premiums?

Watch Live: CPAC Conference, speakers include Mike Pence and Betsy DeVos

Judicial Watch LIVE @ CPAC 2018 **February 22**

"Dana Loesch, I want you to know that we will support your two children in the way that you will not,"

Judge takes teenage girl from parents, because parents say "no" to trans...

Affordable school safety measures are getting lost in the conversation a...

Russian election meddling was inevitable: Benn Steil

Gun laws are a states-rights issue: Manhattan DA

ICYMI: President Trump Holds a Listening Session with High School Students and ...

Girl Scouts in Colorado now allowed to sell cookies to ‘stoners’: Kennedy

Democrat calls for the Democratic memo to be released

Trump’s meeting with Florida survivors was powerful: Mike Huckabee

Flynn urged to withdraw guilty plea by supporters

Pelosi is the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with Washington: Ken...


Trump Admin EXPOSES Earth SHATTERING Truth About Obama and the Russians ...

Pelosi Shows up for Town Hall then IMMEDIATELY Hit in the FACE with SIX ...

Sarah Sanders Takes a BLOWTORCH to Nancy ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi with 20 WORDS O...

FBI Vet Comes Out with DAMNING Accusation of Crooked Cop Mueller that Ma...

BREAKING: CNN Shamefully Attacks Elderly Trump Supporter in Her Front Yard

ICE director talks stepping up enforcement in California

Ingraham: Guns, God and the grace to listen

Student: Conservative side of youth movement is ignored

Sebastian Gorka: The collusion is in the DNC

Tomi on mass shootings: Cultural problem needs to addressed

MS-13 now in 22 states, thanks to DACA

Hannity: Trump's accomplishments the media won't talk about

Joy Reid: A Russian troll favorite

Tucker: Federal courts the most decayed institution of all

Tucker: Gun debate isn't a simple fix

Powerful calls for action on school safety at White House

Father of Columbine victim: I felt hope during WH meeting

US Embassy in Montenegro attacked with grenade

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President Trump

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"We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons of anywhere on Earth,

but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

then we will be weak and we will not survive.

If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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