Hannity: Truth and transparency are under assault

Jesse Watters, Jessica Tarlov debate FISA memo release

Parents of child killed by MS-13 speak out

Laura Ingraham: Democrats define victimhood down

Tucker: There's no reason to keep the FISA memo from public

Why the surveillance memo matters

Howard Kurtz explains the media’s ‘Trump trauma’

Gaetz: Changes made to FISA memo were grammatical

Feds to arrest more undocumented immigrants at courthouses

Departure of FBI Officials Raises New Questions

We should not model our human rights after countries like North Korea th...

Democrats Called Out for Behavior During State of the Union Address

DOJ Inspector General Investigating McCabe's Role in Clinton Email Probe

Hurt: Pelosi Consumed With Hatred for Trump, Has No Vision for Her Party

Ben Stein rips Democrats for ‘sneering’ at Trump

Trump Says 'Immigration Reform' Possible

Trump talks immigration reform, 2018 agenda at GOP retreat

White House signals FISA abuse memo's release is imminent

Steve King: Nunes FISA memo more troubling than Watergate

Rep. King: Memo shows Russia investigation was ill-conceived

Buck Sexton on release of memo: There's no choice left

US says Syria may be changing use of chemical weapons

Pavlich: Maxine Waters Seems 'Triggered' by Trump's SOTU Address

Former FBI deputy assistant director: Memo must be accurate

Gingrich: Rogue FBI would be a threat to every American

Is Medicaid fraud driving America's growing opioid crisis?

Napolitano: Who’s Lying, Spying and Hiding

New questions over Peter Strzok's role in Clinton probe

Gloves off at the FBI over the Nunes memo

Eric Shawn reports: President Trump vs. Sen. Schumer

Hannity: Democrats are empty and void as a party

Yoga: An instrument of white supremacy?

Airbnb goes to war with Trump over immigration

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President Trump

President Trump Quote

"We can have the largest economies and the most lethal weapons of anywhere on Earth,

but if we do not have strong families and strong values,

then we will be weak and we will not survive.

If anyone forgets the critical importance of these things,

let them come to one country that never has."

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