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Trump's Supreme Court Picks are Down to These Four Conservative Diehards

Trump's Supreme Court Picks are Down to These Four Conservative Diehards

President Trump has the chance to appoint a second Supreme Court Justice in less than two years in office, a choice which will have implications for generations to come in making some of the nation's toughest decisions on embattled court cases.
This historic opportunity is one that not every President is blessed with forming, but for Donald J. Trump; he's had this chance twice now.
From what our sources within halls of the White House are telling us, the selection process has required what President Trump calls extreme vetting, where he's taken the opinions of some of the nation's most brilliant legal minds and discussed topics of interest to the Conservative base, and how limited his choices down to four candidates to become the next Justice on the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS).
Every Trump supporter across the nation is thrilled by the thought of an additional Pro-Trump, “America First,” hardline supporter of traditional values Judge sitting among the nation's top court, and there's good reason for such, since Democrats appear to be losing their mind over the prospect of a new member of SCOTUS appointed by President Trump.
Many liberal fear-mongers are alleging that “Roe versus Wade” is now “dead,” and somehow abortions will come to a screeching halt, which is very unlikely to be the case as much as we may wish to see such a change.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) is one of only two Republicans who still seems to support abortion rights, and she claims that President Trump told her in a private meeting he would not discuss the opinions of Roe v. Wade with any of his potential candidates, despite what the liberal media is spewing along with their heartless Hollywood liberal mouthpieces on social media.


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