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'That's Racism Right There!'

'That's Racism Right There!'

“We don’t produce enough engineers. We don’t produce enough doctors. What we do is produce a bunch of scumbag lawyer lobbyists like Elizabeth Warren.”
That was U.S. Senate candidate Shiva Ayyadurai last Sunday in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where Sen. Elizabeth Warren was holding a meeting at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center.  As the Berkshire Eaglereported, Warren told her followers to “keep pushing back” against Republicans and right-wingers. 
The India-born Ayyadurai, 54, was also in town and didn’t see any people of color at Warren’s event. So across the street he held forth on the subject of racism. That prompted Warren supporter Paul Solovay of Hillsdale, New York, to  approach Ayyadurai, but it wasn’t to listen or ask a question. Instead the paunchy Solovay, 74, pushed the candidate’s bullhorn into his face. As Ayyadurai’s supporters tackled the militant, candidate Ayyadurai carried on. 
“That’s racism right there,” the MIT graduate told the crowd. “You don’t know what racism is. You’ve never experienced it.” The candidate called Warren supporters “liberal fascists” adding, “White privilege, eating your organic food while Elizabeth Warren poisons everyone else. Singing your stupid, bloody songs. Wake up, America!”
As Solovay was arrested, Ayyarurai told the crowd  “What you just witnessed is how you white supremacists react when you don’t want to hear the truth. I’m a dark-skinned Indian guy – the same guy you claim you want to help.” Many in the crowd might have wondered, who is this guy?
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