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Lawless Washington

Lawless Washington

It is useless for conservatives to hope laws against political corruption and violating national security information and colluding with unsavory types will ever apply to leftists.  When is the last time any leftist in Washington faced any successful prosecution for committing crimes of this sort? 
The infinitesimal peccadilloes Democrats allege that Trump and his campaign staff may have engaged in with an essentially harmless Russian Federation – a nation with multiparty elections and many parties represented in the Duma, freedom of worship and speech, and no plans of world conquest – are nothing, even if true.  Russia, one third the size of the old Soviet Empire, is no real threat to America at all and is, in many respects, a natural ally of our nation in many areas. 
The Clintons' utter disregard for both the law and ethical behavior stretches back to Bill's ghastly reign of depravity and dishonesty in Arkansas and Bill's term as president was perhaps the most lawless in American history.  The left was utterly indifferent to his crimes and sins and all he got was a slap on the wrist for lying under oath before a federal judge and a largely symbolic impeachment that gutless Republicans in the Senate tried as best they could to ignore.
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