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Evelyn Farkas was the Pentagon’s top Russia expert. Now she wants Trump independently investigated.

The Faces of Terror

Clearing Up The Flynn Immunity Story-- @stranahan

Farkas’ Comments on Trump Surveillance Prompts White House to Dig Deeper

Hannity: Former Obama official is trying to change her tune

What the Freedom Caucus wants in the GOP health-care bill, and why it’s not getting it

Meals on Wheels Learns: Fake News Is Profitable!

Latest WikiLeaks release shows how the CIA uses computer code to hide the origins of its hacking attacks and 'disguise them as Russian or Chinese activity'

Trump To Sign Executive Orders Cracking Down On Trade One Week Before Chinese President’s Visit

Righteous Liberals Forget US Has Interfered in 81 Foreign Elections – That We Know Of

The Fall of Donald Trump (and Why It Ain’t Happening)

BREAKING=> KREMLIN CONNECTION CONFIRMED! Podesta Company Paid One Billion Rubles from Russian Govt.

Welcome to The Populist.US

Preview of 3.30.17 Senate Hearings on Russia

BREAKING – Seattle Sues Trump Admin Over Sanctuary City Executive Order- @cristinalaila1

BREAKING – New Huma Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Emailed Classified Info on Unsecured Server, Favors for Clinton Donors- @cristinalaila1

Europe: Death by a Thousand Cuts

The Great ‘Christian Terrorist’ Unicorn Hunt

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Hillary Clinton in San Francisco: ‘Resist’ Donald Trump’s ‘Carnage’

North Korea Flips Out After McCain Calls Kim Jong-Un A ‘Crazy Fat Kid’

Fox News Brings Back Judge Napolitano, Who Still Stands By Obama Wiretapping Claim [VIDEO]

LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Briefing Con...

Gowdy: ‘I Wish… The Other Side Would Be A Little More Outraged’ Over Unmasking Of Private Citizens [VIDEO]

Josh Earnest Is Now A Political Analyst For NBC News and MSNBC

Trump taps Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas

CBS’s 60 Minutes Piece on ‘Fake News’ Ends Up Being ‘Fake News’

Bring fugitive cop-killer Assata Shakur back ASAP!- Malkin

Latest Establishment Talking Point: Trump May Be Guilty of ‘Treason’

Liz Peek: Time for the Freedom Caucus to climb aboard the Trump train

Why You Should Carry Cash In A Credit Card Society

Malibu, Calif. declares ‘sanctuary’ status, will vote down proposal to change name to Hypocrite City (Sunday open thread)

Goldman Sachs Tells Investors Marine Le Pen Could Be France’s Next President

Chelsea Clinton triggered by Abe Lincoln in ‘MAGA’ hat — gets trolled with hilarious responses

CA Gov Brown: Not ‘Christian’ to Build Wall to Keep Out Illegal Immigrants

Fake News Is Based on Fake Righteousness-Ludwig

Obama Did Wiretap Trump: It’s Like Putting Together a Russian Nesting Doll

Muslim Taxi Driver Sexually Assaults Female Passenger – Then Brings Flowers to Her Home

Trump Rally Huntington Beach - ANTIFA Rocked By Trump Supporters - ANTIF...

1 dead, 14 wounded in mass shooting at Cincinnati nightclub

Sheriff Bunny Welsh Reacts To Maryland Rape Case

Geraldo debates surveillance claims, alleged school rape

The Greg Gutfeld Show 3/25/2017 - Fox News HD March 25, 2017

Judge Jeanine: ‘Paul Ryan Needs to Step Down’

REPORT: Pence Pushed to Label Paul Ryan’s Failed Health Bill ‘Ryancare’ Not ‘Trumpcare’

WEX: GOP Retreat From Obamacare Repeal Is The Biggest Broken Promise In Political History

Priebus on ObamaCare overhaul: It’s time for GOP to 'start governing’

Scuffles as Pro-Trump Rallies Held; 6 Arrested in California Clash

Intensifying brawl within the House Intelligence Committee

Chris Christie Demands Return Of Black Panther Fugitive - Tucker Carlson...

NSA Whistleblower: Trump Was Right On Wiretap Bill Binney – Tucker Carls...

President Trump Speaks After Pulling Healthcare Bill 3/24/17

WATCH: President Trump Meets with Truckers and CEO's Outside White House...

HORRIBLE! Illegal Alien Deported Four Times, Sexually Assaulted 2-Year-Old And Stabbed Two Women!-Mitch Behna

10 Things About SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch That Every American Should Know- Erika Haas

House Pulls Obamacare Repeal, Paul Ryan & Nancy Pelosi Comment On Health...

Trump v. Dems on Russia: Are both sides wrong? -Bryan Crabtree

6 Questions Democrats Should Be Asking Themselves Right Now

Rand Paul takes victory lap on GOP health bill

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