President Trump

Border Patrol officials react to getting funds for 'fencing'

Omnibus spending bill: A score for the swamp?

Ex-FBI official: Mueller driving toward bigger indictment

Rep. Dave Brat on White House move to ban transgender troops

Should Trump have let the government shutdown?

Meet the Marine Corps' new mascot: Recruit Chesty XV

Military ATVs equipped with lasers help troops on the battlefield

Trump is tired of the way politicians spend money: Varney

John Bolton on North Korea using negotiations to buy time

Trump threatens veto of $1.3T spending bill

Sheila Bair on tariffs: Longer-term China and U.S. interests are aligned

Roseanne Barr @therealroseanne: Reboot will tackle healthcare, opioids and different cult...

DOJ charges 9 Iranians in hacking scheme


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